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"The Lord is not slow about his promise, as some think of slowness, but is patient with you, not wanting any to perish, but all to come to repentance."
2 Peter 3:9


Oh Man! What a wonderful vacation! : )

The 18th was our 9 year anniversary, : )
so we went to Chy (Red Lobster) to celebrate : 9
The food was great, fun drinks, and was relaxing : )
*We left my car at the Chy Airport/ post Office*

Then Daniel drove me to Sidney, NE
where my parents were going to pick me up to go to MN.
This is where I realized I forgot all my entertainment. >.<
*Laptop, Kindle, 3DS, Coloring book and colors, paper,
aaand my phone charger >.< aaa
SO, I bought a sudoku book and a find-a-word;
I prefer to talk to ppl on vaca ANYWAY! Haha. : P
Parents came to get me and we had a smooth drive to MN. : )

The first day in Lutsen was the best bc the sky and lake were clear : )
Our hotel was RIGHT ON THE LAKE :D and it was Beautiful! : )
The other days were foggy, so it was hard to see the water : /
But you could still hear it <3 i love that : )
Our hotel had a cedar ceiling and walls so it smelled SO GOOD! <3
And the breakfast buffet was Awesome too! : 9
*And the staff was nice; all around great place***** : )

Spending time with family and friends was the Best Part of the Whole Trip! :D *duh*
I dont know when I've ever talked so much! O_O
*Maybe at another family/ friends gathering! HA!* : P
Catching up and talking about life and babies and everything! O_O
A little bit of "shopping" haha. *There wasnt many stores in Lutsen,
but the few shops they DID have were fun : )

The wedding was AMAZING! At the top of the hill at the ski resort.
It was foggy *again* and looked like a dream : )
Wonderfully sweet wedding with friends and family getting turns to talk. : )

The reception ROCKED! : D So Much Good Food!
Each table had its own little cake
(Strawberry, chocolate, or coffee liqueur?)
Fun finger foods and delicious entrees : 9
There was a power point of growing-up pics : )
And Lot Of fun Music And Dancing :D
After so long, my parents and I were getting sleepy
and headed back down the gondola.
*Did I mention there was a gondola to the wedding? SO FUN : )
We missed my cousin Luke *The Groom*
Putting on a show with roller-skates, top hat, cane and gloves :D ha!

Mom and I also got to swim while we were there too : )
The pool looked like an "8" with 1 "o" inside a building
and the other "o" outside O_O SO COOL!
They were connected so you could swim back and forth : )
And we swam a LONG TIME :D It was great! :D
*I miss swimming* <3
The hot tub was huge too *could hold 20 ppl?*
Was so relaxing : )

After an easy drive to ND, I got to stay with my
best friend since 3rd grade, Samara : )
*the one with the recent health issues ive told you about* : (
She was doing better as long as the weather wasnt stormy. : )
And we talked and talked and talked haha about EVERYTHING! : P
Colored and played poker : ) *Texas Hold'em*
*We've know each other for YEARS, so we could read each other pretty well*
Even when trying to change our "tells" or bluff, the other knew HAHA!

I got to hold and love on the new baby Kaylee! <3
She is such a honey with a beautiful smile : )
Kaylee liked to munch my necklace HA!
The German Shepherd, Bruser, loved to catch the frisbee,
if you could get it from him >.<
The other German Shepherd, Ava, even came out for a bit : )
I got to pet their kitty and bird watch;
It was so relaxing there. <3
It was great to see that side of the family as well : )
*more talking talking : ) : )
As always, Liz made AWESOME food and spoiled us rotten! : 9

The last night, there were 15 of us at a fave restaurant O_O
More family and friends I havent seen in 9+ years >.<
Oh Man That Was Great! :D
I love that so much and it needs to happen more than every 9 years! Haha!

After a relaxing drive back to Chy to drop me off at my car
*i got a little turned around because Daniel and I dont go to Chy THAT often*
Then I had a nice drive home in the rain  : ) *that was relaxing too* : )

OH MAN Did The Girls Miss Me! :D:D:D
They came right up after hearing my voice
*prolly hiding from whomever is invading their house*
Came up and sniffed and rubbed on me and my stuff Haha
*my stuff prolly smelled of Lizs dogs : P ha!
They were so happy and wanted to play and snuggle so much : )
Both got turns in my lap and even snuggled last night : )

Vacations are so wonderful, but coming home is great too! : )

Sorry for the long e-mail : P
Time to get back to laundry, dishes, bills etc etc : P
Please keep praying for Samara;
We now know she has Rotary Nastagmus *spelling?*
But the doctors need to find the CAUSE before they can CURE her *bah*
Please also keep praying for a CAREER for me : )
Im excited to Be In My Field and Getting Paid For It! HA!



United States
"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb."
Psalm 139:13

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